Sustainable Aquaculture Products

CLOVER ORGANIC was established in 2008 and has worked diligently to produce revolutionary solutions and sustainable aquaculture products in India that promote development while safeguarding environmental assets. We have been at the forefront of developing cost-effective, innovative, and ecological solutions.

 Biomimicry, microbiology, and environmental engineering are all used in tandem to create these solutions or what you see on our website as online aquaculture products. 

For aquaculture farmers, we ensure the creation of high-performance biotech products. At all times, an effective seed bank for pure culture is kept in hand. 

We are presently focusing on massive organic projects spanning  more than 36,000 acres and crossing numerous states. Our skilled specialists provide first-hand information about product application, pond management, disease supervision, water sampling, and other subjects to guarantee farmers get the most out of their crops in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our products are completely organic , they are among the most desired online sustainable aquaculture products and incorporate the features listed below, which are displayed on our website:

  • They contain the more than 2 billion population of microorganisms per unit area at any given point of time.

  •  Each package contains a minimum of 10 strains of microorganisms All found in the environment. None of them have genetically modified microbes.

  • Laboratory testing is done on all of our products .

  • They have salinity-dependent adaptation.

  • They have a shelf life of minimum 2 years !


All of our products have received approval from the Coastal Aquaculture Authorities (CAA).

Clover Organic adheres to strict quality control. In order to prepare aquatic ponds and assure upkeep, we have goods with cutting-edge probiotic formulations. Hence, offering water management with the least amount of effort and expense. These things aid in fostering the development of an environment that is favorable to fish and shrimp growth rates. The best thing is that you can readily obtain them because we provide dependable and effective online aquaculture products.