Water and soil probiotic with Booster

* Reduces sludge generation

* Elevates Dissolved Oxygen levels

* Improves water clarity

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NatureVel®-EcoPond is an advanced probiotic formulation for aquatic pond preparation and maintenance. The formulation balances the microbial activity in the pond, thereby providing water management at the minimum possible time and cost. It supports the creation of a conducive environment to foster fish and shrimps growth rate.


Composition: Lactobacillus spp, Saccharomyces spp, Bacillus spp (4 species) and other beneficial microbes.

Potency: 6.1x109 cfu/ml

Application Procedure:

Mix 1 litre of NatureVel®-EcoPond + Booster with 3Kg Jaggery and 16 litres of fresh non-chlorinated water and allow it to ferment for 36-48 hrs before application in the pond.

For Regular use: Apply 1 litre of extended culture per acre/day of the pond with 1-meter depth.

Note: Final dosage as per Clover Technician.