Clover®- TrichoV


* Effective against wide variety of seed and soil borne plant pathogenic fungi.

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Clover® - TrichoV is a very high-quality Trichoderma Viride. It suppresses the growth of soil-borne pathogens due to competitive inclusion owing to its rapid rate of growth antibiosis and production of multiple enzymes. It has good adaptation to various types of soil and temperature ranges.

Targeted disease and pests: Trichoderma Viride controls root rot disease, damping off, wilt, fruit rot and other plant diseases.

Organic Certification MSDS

Composition: Trichoderma viridae 1.5% W.P.

Application Procedure:

1kg of Clover®-TrichoV can be added in 500kg of cow dung manure, Neem cake or castor cake and spread uniformly over an acre of land near plant roots.

1kg of Clover®-TrichoV can be added in 200kg of water and sprayed near the roots over an acre of land.

Seed Treatment: Mix 6-10g of Trichoderma powder per kg of seed before sowing.

Organic Certification MSDS

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