RHIZOBIUM- Nitrogen Fixer

* Improves plant vegetable growth by fixing atmospheric nitrogen

* Increases crops yield

* Reduces dependence on fertilizers

* Increases soil fertility

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CloGrow™ – Rhizo essentially contains Rhizobium bacteria. This bacterium is found in soil and helps in fixing nitrogen. It attaches to the roots of the leguminous plant and produces nodules. These nodules fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into ammonia that can be used by the crops for their growth and development is one of our star products, which was developed in house and has given excellent results to millions of farmers. The product is a consortium of about 10 different types of naturally occurring microorganisms. The metabolites these organisms produce helps to increase the population and diversity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These beneficial microorganisms inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in the soil. This results in a healthier ecosystem, leading to higher fertility and porosity of the soil.

Targeted crops: As the product is designed to suit leguminous crops such as peas, pulses, beans, clover, and soybean.

Organic Certification FCO License  MSDS

Composition: Rhizobium

Potency: 2 X109 cfu/ml

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Mix 1 Ltr in 5 Kg farmyard manure and use the mixture in 1 acre near roots and then drench with water.

Organic Certification FCO License  MSDS

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