* Makes potassium available to crops in sufficient quantities

* Enhances seed germination percentage

* Increases root and shoot biomass

* Improves water and disease resistance of food crops

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CloGrow -KB is our high-quality Potassium Solubilising Bacteria. The cells get activated and grow and multiply by utilizing carbon sources in the soil. During their growth, they solubilize the fixed Potash in the soil by the production of organic acids and make it available to the plant in an easily usable form. Potassium enhances photosynthesis, helps in nitrogen uptake and is essential for protein synthesis increases disease resistance and helps the plant better to withstand stress. 

Targeted crops: Cereals: Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Barley; Vegetables: Cabbage, Cauliflower, Bean, Brinjal, Chilly, Onion, Potato etc. Ornamental plants and Fruit crops like Grapes, Citrus and Apple.

Organic Certification MSDS


Seed Treatment: Mix CloGrow -KB 5-10 ml in 1-litre water. Soak the seeds in this solution. Kindly shade dry before sowing.

Soil Application:

1) Mix 1-litre CloGlow - KB in 100 kg organic manure/neem manure. Use the mixture in 1 acre near roots and then drench with water.

2) Mix 500 ml of CloGrow -KB in 100-150 litres of water and apply at root zone thorough drenching.

Composition: Frateuria auranta

Potency: 3x109 cfu/ml

Organic Certification MSDS

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