* Makes phosphate available to crops in sufficient quantities and improves soil fertility.

* Enhances seed germination efficiency.

* Increases efficiency of nitrogen fixation

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CloGrow -PB is our excellent quality Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria. It helps insolubilization of mineral phosphate and release of various organic acids such as formic, acetic, lactic etc to increase soil fertility.

Targeted crops: All Cereals (wheat, paddy, maize and barley), Millets (jowar, bajra etc), monocot vegetables (onion, garlic etc) and pineapples.

Organic Certification FCO License  MSDS


Seed Treatment: Mix ClowGrow -PB 200-250ml in 300ml water, then soak the seeds in this solution properly and then shade dry before sowing

Soil Application: Mix 1Ltr in 5Kg Organic Manure/neem manure and use mixture in 1acre near roots and then drench with water.

Composition: Bacillus coagulans

Potency: 3x109 cfu/ml

Organic Certification FCO License  MSDS

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