Acts as a curative and protective agent for a wide range of insects and pests.

100% safe with no residual effect.

No impact on beneficial insects or honey bees.

Pests do not develop resistance against the product.

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Eliminix™ is our organic Insecticide and is made with 1,500ppm of Azadirachtine. This is a high-quality biological pest controlling agent. 

Targeted pests: It is effective in controlling Mealy bug, army worm, Aphids, Cabbage worm, Thrips, Whiteflies, Mites, Fungus gnats, Beetles, Moth larvae, Mushroom flies, Leaf miners, Caterpillars, Locust, Nematodes and the Japanese beetle.

Organic Certification MSDS

Composition: Comprises of naturally occurring liminoid group of compounds like Azadirachtin (A+B), Salanin, Nimbin, Meliatrol and Karanjin and other beneficial herbs.


Dilute 15 ml (1 cap) Eliminix™ in 3 Ltr. of water, wet both sides of the leaves using a special nozzle and drench the soil for best results.

Time Interval: Spray once every 10 days from the time of germination of seed. In case of fungal infection use daily for 15 days and continue once in 10 days once the infection is under control

Organic Certification MSDS

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