Naturevel®- SW


* Converts Bio-waste into useful fertilizerfor soil.

* Reduces Composting time from 60days to 35days

* Suppresses foul odor and vector population

* Compost can be made even without cow dung.

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Naturevel®- SW is our extremely advanced composting agent. It is a consortium of about 10 different microbes that initially ferment and then decomposes organic matter the quick time.

Targeted Biomass: It is being widely used to decompose both plant and animal waste in agriculture along with even waste of agro-processing Industries.

Organic Certification MSDS

Composition: Lactobacillus sps, Streptococcus sps, Lactococcus sps, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Rhodobacter sps, Rhodopseudomonas sps and Bacillus species

Potency: 7 X109 cfu/ml


Dilute Naturevel®- SW  in 1:200 ratio (5ml in 1Ltrs of water) in water for application on decomposable waste.

Organic Certification MSDS

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