Increases utilization of atmospheric nitrogen

Improves water use efficiency

Safe and non-toxic to plants and environment

Reduces dependency on Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium fertilizers.

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CloGrow - NPK is our consortium of various important biofertilizers already listed earlier. It includes, Azotobacter and Azospirillum microbes for fixing or producing necessary Nitrogen for the crops. Our PSB and KSB microbes produce necessary Potash and Potassium for the crops.

Targeted crops: All crops benefit from CloGrow - NPK as it increases the availability of essential nutrients in the crops. 

Organic Certification FCO License  MSDS


Azotobacter: 1 X108  cfu/ml

Azospirillium: 1 X108  cfu/ml

PSB: 1 X108  cfu/ml

KSB: 1 X108  cfu/ml


Crops: All crops


Soil Application: Mix 1Ltr ClowGrowTM- NPK in 50Kg organic manure/neem manure. Broadcast at the time of

field preparation and in the standingcrop twice in the cropping season.

Foliar Application: Mix 1Ltr ClowGrowTM- NPK in 150 ml water and spray at

1 month old crop to eliminate the deficiency of nutrients. 2-3 sprays at 1 month interval gives better result.

Drip Irrigation/Drench irrigation: Mix 1 Ltr CloGrow - NPK per acre in 150ml water and apply in the field through drip irrigation or drenching.

Organic Certification FCO License  MSDS

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