Bacillus subtilis

* Prevents dieback diseases in different plants and trees

* Supports the growth of beneficial microbes

* Its enzyme producing ability makes NPK available to plants

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Description: Bacillus subtilis is a unique microbe that exists in the soil in spore form and naturally controls pathogens in agriculture crops.

Clopest®-BS developed by Clover reduces the chances of fungal growth by releasing antifungal agents. Its soil application colonizes plant rhizosphere or root system to support other beneficial microbes like mycorrhiza and help to develop a healthy root system.

Organic Certification

Application Procedure:

Dilution: Dilute 1 kg of Bacillus powder in 1,000 litres of water.

Soil Application: Drench the soil with the above dilution @200 litres/acre

Foliar Spray:

 1. Carry out spraying on top of the crops. 

2. Spray a little more quantity over crops infected with dieback disease to prevent its spread.

Composition: Bacillus subtilis

Potency: >108 spores per gram

Organic Certification

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