* Fixes nitrogen therefore increases soil fertility.

* Produces phytohormones to stimulate plant growth.

* Seed inoculation improves crop nutrition.

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CloGrow™ - AB essentially contains the popular Azotobacter bacteria. It is a Nitrogen fixing bacterium that has several beneficial effects on crop growth and yield. It stimulates rhizospheric microbes, thereby making them more efficient. Protects crops from pathogens and improves nutrient uptake.

Targeted crops: It is recommended for soil treatment for non-leguminous crops including all dryland crops.

Organic Certification MSDS

Seed Treatment: Mix CloGrow -AB 200-250 ml in 1-litre water. Soak the seeds in this solution. Kindly shade dry before sowing.

Soil Application:

1) Mix 1 litre CloGrow -AB in 50 kg organic manure neem manure. Use the mixture in 1 acre near the roots and then drench with water.

2) Mix 100 ml of CloGrow -AB in 15 litres of water. Apply the mixture at the root zone of plants.

Composition: Azotobacter chroococum

Potency: 2x109 cfu/ml

Organic Certification MSDS

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