* Promotes lateral roots growth thereby increasing mineral uptake.

* Protects plant roots from stresses due to drought and flooding.

* Resists attack by pathogens hence reduces plant diseases.

* Increase soil fertility.

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CloGrow™ -AS is our high-quality Azospirillum microbes. This genus comprises plant-growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB), which have the capacity to not only fix atmospheric nitrogen but also to its capacity to synthesize phytohormones. This helps the crops to tolerate abiotic stresses due to salinity, droughts, floods, extremes in temperature, heavy metals, radiation etc. and biotic stresses pathogenic attacks such as fungi, bacteria, oomycetes, nematodes and herbivores. It is a foremost factor that causes the loss of major crop plants worldwide.

Targeted crops: All Cereals (wheat, paddy, maize and barley), Millets (jowar, bajra etc), monocot vegetables (onion, garlic etc) and pineapples.  

Organic Certification FCO License  MSDS

Seed Treatment : Mix CloGrow -AS 200- 250 ml in 1-litre water. Soak the seeds in this solution. Kindly shade dry before sowing.

Soil Application: Mix 1-litre CloGrow - AS in 50 kg organic manure/neem manure. Use the mixture in 1 acre near roots and then drench with water.

Composition: Azospirillium lipoferum

Potency: 2x109 cfu/ml

Organic Certification FCO License  MSDS

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