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Organic Waste Water


Organic Agriculture is the need of the hour as there are a lot of diseases caused due to residual toxins and pesticide residue. Clover has a complete solution for organic agriculture which covers training, package of practice, organic input, certification & marketing.

Clover Organic Product Overview

NatureVel-AG: It is a liquid consortium. It enriches the soil.

  1. It enhances the plant Growth.
  2. Helps to increase the vigour of crops.
  3. Arrests fruit dropping.
  4. Gives healthier crop & better yield.


We created Clover with the promise to create global transformation through innovative and ecological solutions.

Clover with more than a decade’s experience in animal husbandry has a product range which not only improves the overall health of the animal but in time has given brilliant results in productivity & immunity. Animal husbandry is a very important segment as it forms the food chain. Animal husbandry deals with feeding, breeding and health care of livestock.


Clover organic has taken a responsible step towards providing solutions in form of our probiotic products both in liquid and powdered forms to make poultry sustainable. Clover understands farmer’s problems in rearing newborn chicks to full grown broilers and layers.

We provide training and solutions for rearing broilers disease free in an environmentally friendly way. Broilers and Layers grown in such ways are healthy with less cost input and fetch good market price making poultry sustainable.

Clover Organic Product Overview

NatureVel-AH –This is a liquid consortium which is mixed with water for drinking to improve their immune system & appetite. Also if mixed in their bath water it removes tics in domestic pets. NatureVelAH helps to restore this balance by introducing powerful microbes in the area, which create a suitable environment for the beneficial microbes to thrive and thereby increase their presence.

NatureVel – AH is a brand created, manufactured and marketed in India specifically for the Animal Husbandry segment by Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd. It’s certified organic and hence does not need any protective clothing for an application. The microbes are Non-GM (Genetically Modified) and not exotic.


Aquaculture biotechnology has a wide range of useful applications in fisheries and aquaculture. Scientists of Clover Organic have developed the next generation of aquaculture products which will help in increasing the growth rate of farmed species, improve shrimp and fish health.

The products help in restoring and protecting the environment. Clover offers technical support to help set up aquaculture projects along with offering an organic package of practices for those farmers who wish to practice the same.

Aquaculture is the process of rearing, breading and harvesting of aquatic species in controlled aquatic environments like the lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.

Clover Organic Product Overview

NatureVel-EcoPond: it is a liquid probiotic used for water & soil treatment.

  1. It reduces the organic load in the water.
  2. Improves the water clarity.
  3. It degrades sedimented organic matters in the bottom.
  4. It eliminates the generation of harmful gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide.


Clover has the experience and expertise to offer technical and managerial expertise to carry out decentralized and centralized treatment of solid waste. Furthermore, We have come up with 40+ solutions for carrying out composting for any biomass or situation.

Clover is also partnering with Waste Warriors, a dynamic NGO headed by Jodie Underhill to reach out to more and more areas across India to mitigate pollution from waste. Clover believes that all this waste can be converted into precious manure by decomposition.

Clover Organic Product Overview

Nature VEL-SW: It is a liquid consortium. It is an effective decomposer consisting of powerful microbes.

  1. It decomposes all types of organic waste including waste from factories within 35 days.
  2. The product also helps to suppress any foul odour and vectors.


Clover has realized the importance of natural tools of nature and adopted them for eliminating the pollutants. The application methodology is innovative and is a mix of environmental engineering and biotechnology. We have thus come up with many natural solutions to help clean up wastewater and restore natural water bodies like lakes, ponds, and streams to their pristine glory. Clover took the initiative to make the process 100% organic to clean the wastewater and reuse in plants and other sources.

Clover Organic Product Overview

Nature Vel-WWPS: It is a liquid formulation for application in diverse biological wastewater.

a. Consistent use of the product will reduce the running cost by a large percentage over a period of time.

b. It is a biological treatment tool to clean the water.

c. It reduces foul odour substantially.

d. It makes the treated water pathogen free.


Sustainable Sanitation

Chemical cleaners clean dirt but also hurt the environment. Toxic chemicals leach into the groundwater and cause harm that is where sustainable sanitation comes in.

Clover®- Clean MPC Multi-purpose cleaner designed to offer a simple solution to all your sanitation needs with no adverse impact on the environment. It is a liquid concentrate that contains the metabolites of beneficial microbes such as found in curd, yogurt and bread and various enzymes like Protease, Lipase etc. Supplementing the product further with organic surfactants and natural aromatic oils. Balanced delicately all these to offer optimum benefits to the end user. The product is safe to handle and no harmful chemicals are present.

Clover Organic Product Overview

Clover®- Clean MPC carries out cleaning in four ways.
  • The microbes present eat into the dirt and grime and reduce the population of harmful microbes.
  • The same microbes help open up clogged pipes.
  • Organic surfactants break down the FOG (Fat, Oil, and Grease).
  • The aromatic oils (Jasmine) deodorize the area where the product been applied and leaves a pleasant odour.

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