Waste Water Treatment Products

Waste Water Treatment Products


Waste Water Treatment Products


MLSS builder for wastewater treatment plants

Clover has created an efficient MLSS builder for wastewater treatment which is a liquid consortium of microbes that help in building the MLSS and MLVSS faster for new plants and running plants.

a. It contains a high count of powerful microbes.
b. The product is a consortium of about 10 different strains of microbes
c.  It gives good quality of MLVSS.

NatureVel®– MB is available in 1 liter,  5 liter, 25 liter packing

Wastewater Treatment Plant Stabilizer

Wastewater Treatment Plant Stabilizer is a liquid formulation for application in diverse biological wastewater. NatureVel® – PS contains a combination of aerobes and facultative anaerobes selected from nature for their ability to break down abroad range of natural and man-made organic compounds.

a. It makes the treated water pathogen free and consistent use of the product will reduce the running cost by a large percentage over a period of time.
b. It is a biological treatment tool to clean the water and reduces foul odour substantially.

  • 1 liter Pet Bottles
  • 5 liter Cans
  • 25 liter Cans
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