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NatureVEL MC
Microcyst Controller

Microcyst controller it is a liquid probiotic to control microcyst. It has a special strain of microbe which controls the formation of this algae.

1. Controls the formation of algae.

NatureVel – AQ
(Liquid Growth Promoter for Fish and Prawns)

NatureVel – AQ (Liquid Growth Promoter for Fish and Prawns) is a liquid probiotic for growth promoter.

  1. It helps to balance the pH of the water within 48 hours .
  2. It enables better moulting for prawns.
  3. It improves survival rate and protects the growth of fish and prawns.
  4. It maintains the dissolved oxygen level in water.
  • 1 liter
  • 5 liters
  • 25 liters

NatureVel - EcoPond
Aquaculture Pond Conditioner

NatureVel – EP (Aquaculture Pond Conditioner) is a liquid probiotic used for water & soil treatment.

  1. It reduces the organic load in the water.
  2. Improves the water clarity.
  3. It degrades sedimented organic matters in the bottom.
  4. It eliminates the generation of harmful gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide.
  • 1 liter
  • 5 liters
  • 25 liters

Clover – GT
Organic Prawns disease controller

Clover – GT: Organic Prawns disease controller is a powder to be used with Nature Vel AQ & Eco pond for best results. It prevents & cures white gut syndrome & white spot.

 1. Controls White Gut disease.

2. Improves Digestion: In fishes, Clover®-GT stimulates hepatopancreatic activity and improves digestive capacity and immune system.

3. Improves FCR: The digestive enzymes in Clover®-GT enhance the digestion and nutrient absorption thereby improving the Feed Conversion Ratio/(FCR).

4. Improves Survival Rate: It competitively inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria or Vibrios. It helps to reduce mortality in fish and prawns by controlling dreaded diseases like White Spot and Yellow Head syndrome and building their immunity system.

Clover Organic - Advanced Organic Solutions