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North East is a heaven on Earth. Their culture, thinking, value systems etc are often mistakenly termed as being ‘backward’ or ‘under-developed’ by outsiders. The world is now making a U turn and attempting to imbibe the same culture, as it has been realised that simplicity and strong value systems define a true society.

People actually care and trust each other unlike other States. No one blows a horn or tries to overtake from the side, even if the traffic line is long. There are shops without shopkeepers. You buy what you want and place the money in the money box yourself!! The so called Green Revolution gave these States a miss - hence one is assured of 100% chemical free food.

As > 60% population is dependent on agriculture, lands are small under rain fed conditions and farmers have been following traditional farming for centuries, organic farming is a natural extension, which can offer better rates to the farmers. Thus, Government of India has planned to convert all the 7 States as Organic States. Various schemes have been launched to make this a reality in the next few years. it is hoped that by focussing on agriculture, the entire region will get developed.

Clover has been working in the North East for many years. We are working in many States with a total area of
about 20,000 ha. We have a team of about 100 people working with us across these projects. We have created probably the best team to implement professional, ethical and transparent systems across all our projects. We wish to enhance the productivity of the farmers on one side and get them better access to markets on the other hand.

Various crops being focussed upon with their approximate harvesting time and quantity within our projects are as follows. Each of these crops offer distinct qualities, not found normally in the plain areas, owing to the unique soil and agro-climatic conditions prevailing in the region. These have been highlighted in the following pages.

We are entering into agreements with various buyers across the Country and abroad to buy purest food from the North East. Some of our projects are in C3 stage of certification and others are in C1 & C2 stages. Our team is highly trained to carry out aggregation, sorting, packaging and transporting crops required by our buyers as per their specifications. We have tied up with major airlines and road transporters for sending shipments from our projects to various destinations. We try to offer the most competitive rates to all our buyers.

We welcome partnerships with Companies into Agro-processing, Food retailing, Exporters, Pharmaceuticals, Neutracitical etc to get into long term arrangements with us to get the best of the North East. Anything is possible!

Ginger is grown in the hilly slopes of the North Eastern States. Numerous varieties are grown. These include mainly Nadia, Thingaria, Thinglaidum, Thingpui, Basar and few Local varieties. The oil content analysed in Ginger ranges between 1.50 to 2.00 ppm, which is higher than that of plains. Harvesting time is between late December to February. Clover can offer about 23,000 tons roughly of fresh Ginger. On request dried and powder ginger can also be made available.

Turmeric is grown in the hilly slopes of the North Eastern States. Numerous varieties are grown. These include mainly Lakadong, RCT-1 (Megha Turmeric-1), IISR Allepy - Supreme, IISR Pratibha, IISR Kedaram, Roma,Rasmi, Suranjana and Duggirala. The Curcumin content analysed in Ginger ranges between 5 to 7 ppm, which is higher than that of plains. Harvesting time is between late December to February. Clover can offer about 29,000 tons roughly of fresh turmeric. On request, sliced, dried and powder turmeric can also be made available.

Chillies are grown in the hilly slopes of the North Eastern States mainly during shifting cultivation. Numerous varieties are grown. These include mainly, Arka Lohit, King chilli, Mizo chilli (Bird eye chilli), Dulle chilli and Pant C-1,Pusa Sadabahar. The bird eye chillies have SHU around 50,000-100,000 and King chillies have known to have a higher SHU count. This them one of the most pungent chillies of India. Harvesting time is betweenNovember to March. Clover can offer about 3,000 tons of fresh bird eye chillies and about 400 tons of King chillies. On request, dried and powder chillies can also be made available.

Pineapples are being grown in Manipur since 1947 and recently in Mizoram. Meghalaya also boasts of one of best quality in the North East. Mainly two varieties being grown in the North East - Kew and Queen. Queen Pineapples are Spiny, golden yellow in colour and emits pleasant aroma and flavour at the ripen stage. The fruits are harvested when eyes turns yellow during mid-May to mid-July when the fruit is available. Average weight of fruit varies from 600 Grams to 800 Grams. It possesses all the good Organoleptic qualities. Juice bright yellow colour. TSS varies from 10o to 14o brix depending upon the stage of maturity and season. PH 4 to 4.5. Water content 80% to 90%. Sweetness and unique aroma differentiates it with Pineapple of other States. Kew Pineapple are Spineless large size fruit weight varies from 1.5 Kg. to 3 Kg. Highly juicy with TSS content 8° to 12° brix. The colour of Juice is light yellow with considerable aroma and flavour. Highly suitable for canning. Clover can offer about 30,000 tons of best quality pineapples from the North East.

Black rice is known as chakhao in Manipur, where desserts made from black rice are served at major feasts. Black rice is a source of iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants (more than in blueberries). The bran hull (outermost layer) of black rice contains one of the highest levels of anthocyanins found in food. The grain has similar amount of fibre to brown rice and, like brown rice, has a mild, nutty taste.

Various attempts have been made to grow this rice in other States, but the rice from Manipur is rated to be the best owing to its unique agro-climatic conditions and soil type.

It has a deep black colour and when cooked, it usually turns purple. Its dark purple color is primarily a product of its anthocyanin content, which is higher by weight than that of other coloured grains. It is very useful when making porridge, dessert, traditional Chinese black rice cake, bread, and noodles.

Clover can offer 200 tons of Black rice from Manipur from the projects it is working directly with the farmers.

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