Case Studies

Energy Pillars

Does not require making or buying compost. Increases availability of nutrients to trees as compared to normal compost Supports development of extensive root system. Trees are healthier and more resistant to pest attacks. Makes trees and shrubs more resistant to drought. Arrests fruit dropping to a large extent. Very little cost to the farmers as only weeds, grasses & leaves are used.

Agriculture Composting

Compost is to soil what water is to a fish! Though most farmers are aware of this gospel, yet they do not use compost for a variety of reasons. One of the main reason is that while purchasing compost is expensive, production of compost is a tedious process that few farmers like to take up. Availability of cow dung is a problem and more often than not, lack of technical knowledge for production of quality compost!


1. RATIONALE: Sadasat Corn Products manufactures Maize Starch by “Wet Milling Method”. The wastewater generation from this industry is Spent Maize Carrying Water, and Maize wash water. During processing “Corn Steep Liquor”(CSL) is one of the by-product. World wide it is being mixed with bran and sold as cattle feed.


01. Bio-augmentation of existing STPs and ETPs:

a. CLIENT: Procter & Gamble Limited, Chennai (Rialto Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.)

b. PLANT DETAILS: The plant is a modular unit made of FRP to treat sewage. It works on the RBC (Rotary Biological Contractors) principle.


RATIONALE: The plant has a capacity of only 6 m3/day consisting of Premix tank, three stage aeration and three stage Settler followed by Filtration System. The Company is manufacturing polyester resin and the raw materials used for production of polyester resin are as follows:


Bio-augmentation of existing ETP:

a. CLIENT: ION Exchange( India) Ltd. Ankeleswar

b. PLANT DETAILS: The plant consists of

1) Primary Settler 2) UASB 3) Lamella Clarifier 4) Pre-aeration Tank 5) Aeration Tank 6) Aeration Tank 7) MBR and 8) Filtration.


Ajit Bhawan in Jodhpur is India’s first Heritage Hotel. It stands as an oasis of hospitality and warm Rajput charm. This hotel was built exclusively for Maharajadhiraj Sir Ajit Singhji, the younger brother of Maharaja Shri Umaid Singhji of erstwhile Jodhpur State in 1927.

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