Agriculture Composting

Compost is to soil what water is to a fish! Though most farmers are aware of this gospel, yet they do not use compost for a variety of reasons. One of the main reason is that while purchasing compost is expensive, production of compost is a tedious process that few farmers like to take up. Availability of cow dung is a problem and more often than not, lack of technical knowledge for production of quality compost!

A Menu of Composting Solutions

Enclosed Composting

  • Period: 30-­‐35 days.
  • Space required: About 25 sq feet per 3 tons of waste.
  • Suitable for small scale composting.
  • Initial cost of setting up an enclosure with sticks or chicken wire mesh only.
  • Can be made where compost is to be applied.
  • Composting of leaves can be done easily without them blowing off.

Heap Composting

  • Period: 35-­‐40 days.
  • Space required: About 30-­‐35 sq feet per 3 tons of waste.
  • Can be applied for large scale composting.
  • No initial cost.
  • Can be made where compost is to be applied.

Bio-Cap Composting

  • Period: 10 days.
  • Space required: About 3 sq feet per 20-­‐30 Kgs of kitchen waste.
  • Suitable for kitchen garden level compost requirements.
  • Excellent for managing kitchen waste.
  • Initial cost of setting up and modifying plastic drums with various Kitments.
  • Ready compost with higher nutrients received along with liquid fertilizer.

Vermi - Composting

  • Period: 35-­‐40 days as compared to > 90 days in normal vermi-­‐composting.
  • NatureVel -­‐ SW is to be added once to the water being applied while composting.
  • No need for capital intensive structures, vermi-­‐beds or pits. Can be done in heap or windrow system as well.

In-Situ Composting

  • Period: 25-­‐30 days.
  • Crop residue is tilled into the soil along with NatureVel -­‐ SW. Saves time & cost.
  • Effective solution to avoid burning of crop residue by farmers.

Tank - Composting

  • Period: 20-­‐25 days.
  • Biomass along with cow dung is mixed in a irrigation tank along with NatureVel -­‐ SW.
  • The liquid compost can be applied to crops through irrigation channels.
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