Advanced Organic Solutions


Advanced Organic Solutions

We created Clover Organic with the promise to create global transformation through innovative and ecological solutions and that is exactly what we have been doing the past ten years. We have been striving relentlessly to create solutions, which are unique, organic in nature, simple to implement, and economical. Clover Organic firmly believes that sustainable development can take place along with environmental conservation. We have always embraced biomimicry to seek solutions to any challenges faced by us. At Clover Organic, we believe that nature has all the answers to problems faced by humans.


Govt Tie up & Work Process

Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd. has tied up with governments of the state of Manipur and Mizoram to help the farmers to learn organic farming. The process involves engaging a group of farmers to learn the basics of organic farming, usage of clover products to enhance the produce and get certified under ICS certification program. Once this group receives the certification clover organic helps them to market and sell it in the market.


  1. It reduces certification cost per acre per year compared to individual farmer certification.
  2. Small holder groups gathering farmers with common interests make it possible and easy for government to implement development schemes.
  3. It helps the farmers in collective bargaining with buyers.
  4. It saves transportation cost incurred by group members in transporting their produce to market.
  5. National and international buyers get bulk volume of particular commodity.
  6. It ensures a regular supply of consistent quality to buyers and processors.
  7. It provides well opportunity for input providers to market among group members.
  8. It helps in knowledge /information dissemination among large number of farmers.
  9. It contributes to maintenance of social harmony as groups may contain farmers of distinct caste and religion.
  10. The growers organized into groups become an easy market for certification agencies.
  11. Members can benefits from group training in Organic Agriculture, Biodynamic agriculture, Organic Certification, Organic produce quality, demonstrations, tours, etc.,
  12. All groups members can receive advice on seeds, fertility, pests and diseases, post harvest related issues and marketing.
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Organic farming teaching

Organic Farming Training




Sell Produce


Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Agriculture is the need of the hour as there are a lot of diseases caused due to residual toxins and pesticide residue. Clover has a complete solution for organic agriculture which covers training, package of practice, organic input, certification & marketing.

Sustainable Animal Husbandry

Clover with more than a decade’s experience in animal husbandry has a product range which not only improves the overall health of the animal but in time has given brilliant results in productivity & immunity.

Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquaculture biotechnology has a wide range of useful applications in fisheries and aquaculture. Scientists of Clover Organic have developed the next generation of aquaculture products which will help in increasing the growth rate of farmed species, improve shrimp and fish health.

Solid Waste Management Products

Solid Waste Management

Clover has the experience and expertise to offer technical and managerial expertise to carry out decentralized and centralized treatment of solid waste. Furthermore, We have come up with 40+ solutions for carrying out composting for any biomass or situation.

Waste Water Treatment

Clover has realized the importance of natural tools of nature and adopted them for eliminating the pollutants. The application methodology is innovative and is a mix of environmental engineering and biotechnology.

Sustainable Sanitation Products

Sustainable Sanitation

Chemical cleaners clean dirt but also hurt the environment. Toxic chemicals leach into the groundwater and cause harm that is where sustainable sanitation comes in.


The main spices cultivated in Manipur & Mizoram are Bird's eye chilli, turmeric & Ginger.


The curcumin content in the turmeric is 7 ppm which is not found elsewhere in the country.


The oil content analyzed in ginger of North East is much higher than any other variety cultivated in the country


Birds Eye Chili

Also known as Mizo Chilli, it has SHU around 50,000-100,000 thus makes it one of the pungent chillies of India.


Produced in the state of Manipur.

Clover organic helps the farmers to produce the above in the states mentioned below. Clover has a wide range of products that offer solutions to counter the problems faced by the farmers. The produce is of high export quality and rich in all parameters involved to gauge the produce quality.




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